Friday, June 10, 2011

Camp Energy - Summer 2011

I believe it is safe to say that the first-ever "Camp Energy" was a SUCCESS! I always love it when the kids are learning and they don't realize it! I have two picture albums on the web that I will share soon!!
Some of the events of the two-day camp include: 1) exploring the science of energy and energy transformations...exploring how salt brine on the roads works in the winter, using solar energy to run a fan, learning why radiometers turn without any mechanical help, powering a light using apples! The list goes on! The students got to see the solar array on the top of the high school roof, see the 40-gallon biodiesel processor that is used to turn used vegetable oil into a fuel that can be used in diesel engines, tried their hands at designing wind turbine blades using different materials and then testing them using a fan and voltmeter! I think one of their favorite acitivities was "Energy Carnival"! The campers could earn energy "bucks" by playing energy-related games, then spending their bucks on prizes!
Thank you to 8 special people who help make this Camp an "energy-filled", fun and educational experience for all campers!! Paul Blick and Doug Keaton (NEED), Andrea Curtis and Bill Gittings (GRREC), and our very own Adair County teachers, Denise Grant, Jane Reed, Angie Smith, and Lisa Godsey. I think we all learned al little something!!!
Thank you again to KSBA, GRREC, and DEDI for having the grant money available to make this camp happen, and Thank You to Lindsey Wilson College for the $1000 donation to the camp that made it possible for us to get t-shirts and enhance the camp even more!!!

Enjoy the Slideshow, and don't forget to click on the slideshow to see the captions and camper names in Picasa!

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