Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ACHS Monitoring System is UP and Running!


If you paste the link above into the address bar on your computer, Adair County High's power output graph and numbers are available for you to view anytime! Isn't that awesome!


  1. We are so elated about the new Energy Effiency Program that the Career Academy has launched..
    It's awesome to see the direction of the future of saving $$ and how it really works.. We are proud to be a sponsor of such an outstanding program, and we know Siemens' Corp. has to know what you are doing with the money that has been given, both locally, and corporately.
    So many progams we donate to, we never really know if it is being put to good use, and I feel like...how wonderful this is, and what an experience this is for all of the students..
    We hope this program can be recognized for all that has been accomplished in just a short period of time from ground zero..
    It is truly amazing!!!!
    Thank You Career Academy!!!!!
    You deserve National Recognition AND a letter from the President of the United States!!

    Nation's Medicines

  2. Thank you for such supportive comments! It's so rewarding to see the students engaged in and involved in the solar project. One of the first things that they ask every day in class is, "How much electricity have we produced today, Mrs. Spoon?" Whether solar, wind, geothermal, or fuel cells, this generation of students will influenced in many ways by renewable energy sources. The Academy students will be a step ahead of every other student regarding the information and technology driving the renewable energy market. Thanks again for your comments and don't forget you can go see your $$ at work anytime by clicking the link to ACHS's electricity production!