Saturday, January 8, 2011

LWC and UK join WIND forces to gather data for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

What an exciting project! LWC's Energy Technology Career Academy has joined forces with the University of Kentucky to collect some REAL WIND DATA for South-Central Kentucky! We're tired of everyone saying there's no wind in Kentucky (except for in the far eastern parts!). Maybe they're right, but we want the data to speak, not someone at a desk in Colorado!

Doug Keaton, NEED Project National Curriculum Specialist (sorry if this is the wrong title...I hardly ever guess right! but it's close) came down to bring us the anemometer personally! This was a great treat because he got to visit both my RCHS and ACHS Academy members and talk with them extensively about energy and the opportunities available to them! Doug is a barrel of fun and the students absolutely love him! He seems to reach students like no one else can...his real world experiences, his "this is how it is" personality, and his willingness to explain and converse with the students makes him a definite hit!! We are lucky to have Doug on our side, so to speak!

So, back to the anemometer!! We are going to name the anemometer "Windy"! One of the students came up with her name. It is very appropriate, don't you think? We hope to launch a "Where's Windy?" campaign in the local papers in both Adair and Russell counties, and of course this blog. I also hope to create a Facebook Fanpage so it's easy for people to socially network with ETCA. We will be moving the anemometer every 10-14 days, and sending the collected data to Frankfort, University of Kentucky, and it will be sent onto NREL. We have a map of the counties, and will be making sure we get a good disbursement of data across both counties. So, be on the lookout for Windy in and around Adair and Russell counties. There will be a banner posted in front of the anemometer, so hopefully it will be easy to spot!! Next location: Joy Arnold's house on HWY 768 past Gradyville!



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