Sunday, March 6, 2011

Biodiesel Results!

Well folks, the results are in!!
We did great on our first batch....according to the glycerin fallout percentages! I have some pictures to upload, but just not tonight. Ughhh....exhausting weekend; but looking forward to a great week!

  • Week 2 with "Windy" at RCHS.
  • The Uganda Project progresses this week as we start constructing the light plant and the wristbands arrive!
  • Hopefully, we will find a small diesel engine to "field test" our first batch!
  • Tomorrow night, I will be speaking to the City Council on the exciting events going on in the ETCA!
  • Tuesday is a meeting with Dr. Starr after school to discuss some rural agriculture opportunities.
  • Wednesday is the Solar Panel Assembly manufacturing plan meeting....have lots to do on this project before then!!
  • Hopefully making some biodiesel from WVO (waste vegetable oil) on Thursday and Friday!

More to come this week.....especially some pictures from Friday's biodiesel testing!

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