Thursday, March 3, 2011

The First Batch of Biodiesel is Currently Processing!

Talk about anxiety!! I have to admit that I was a little nervous today as I was purchasing supplies to make the first test batch of biodiesel made by the Energy Technology Career Academy! I had to give my address and driver's license number at the hardward store when I purchased lye! That was after I had to prove I was over 18 at Wal-Mart to purchase an automotive supply called HEET! Evidently, these type products are used to make methamphetamine!

My students were so excited as we read the instructions, step-by-step, measuring, pouring, heating, mixing, and now....waiting! Special thanks to the Ag Department at ACHS for letting us use the barn (well ventilated area) to produce our first historical batch of biodiesel! We hope to find the proper fallout of glycerin tomorrow as we allow the biodiesel solution to sit overnight. Since we weren't sent the proper valving mechanism, it will be interesting to see how we determine the percentage of glycerin. Hope the separation is obvious!!

Please view the slideshow below for more pictures of the debut batch being made! Remember, you can click on the slideshow to view the pictures WITH captions in Picasa!

More to come......
Signing off for the night

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