Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lunch with the ETCA Seniors!

Well, It was a very emotional lunch today at the Cafe on the Square! The kids brought me some beautiful flowers and a touching card! Since their graduation ceremonies are at the exact same time, I have chosen to not attend either. It just wouldn't be fair, you know? So, we scheduled a a graduation gift to the seniors who "STUCK IT OUT"! I think it's safe to say that they are glad they did stick it out.
Looking was the first day of these guys' sophomore year. They didn't know me, I didn't know them. I had a plan, and they had no idea what that had signed up to be a part of! Mat Russell introduced himself using a British accent (which I believed for all of 1 minute!). Tra had massive amounts of hair....Noah's ponytail has only gotten longer, JD looks like he's older than 12 now, and all my girls have, shall I say, blossomed and have become quite mature young ladies! Jason Davis has stayed true to his dream of being a chef...but an energy-efficient one! I had to force Pepe to stay in the Senior Project class this year (I was competing against my chances were slim), but he is really glad he stayed! We had a great phone conversation today, since he could not make the lunch.
As I watch my first group of students move on to the next phase of their lives, I have to admit it is bittersweet. I want the best for them, but they have been so valuable to the Academy and its many successes, I hate to see them go. I did give a bit of advice, unsolicited, mind you!
1. If you give 100% at anything you do, you will have few regrets.
2. No babies until AFTER college!
3. Just because you are not in my class anymore, doesn't mean that I'm not watching!
4. I am always here for matter what.
We have developed a little family, and it was so great to see to rival counties have such a good relationship with each other!
Good luck and best wishes to all my "kids" as they move on to the next phase of life...which I reminded them was the most important in determining the rest of their lives!

Here's just how much JD's matured since the beginning days of the Academy. Remember the first awareness event ever? Compact Flourescent Bulb awareness at ball games!! Those were the days! Now we're making Biodiesel, solar panels, doing wind studies and so much more!!

Congratulations to all my seniors! Love you guys!

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  1. Heather, these kids admire, respect and love you more than you can imagine. As JD's mom, I have grown to value, respect and admire you myself for ALL that you have taught, given, and loved them in return. There are not enough words I could say that could ever be enough to say thank you, but I do thank you for ALL you have done for my son, and guiding him on his path, you were a great light to him, when I believe he didn't think there was one. For that I love you and if you ever need anything....EVER....let me know....I will continue to follow you and your "new" kids with this program.