Tuesday, May 24, 2011

State NEED Youth Award Ceremony in Frankfort, KY

This year's NEED Youth Award Ceremony was quite different than last year. Due to the large number of schools participating, I was only able to take 6 students. So, we did the democratic thing...we voted.

Here, I am pictured with Noah Schwika, Candace Mullins, Travone Taylor, Emily Holsinger, Matthew Russell, and James David Coomer. These were the student represenatives for the Energy Technology Career Academy.

Unlike last year, we did not win the state award. Were we disappointed? Yes. However, the maturity of the students was shocking. I took the opportunity to talk to the students about life...we don't always win! All that matters is that we gave it all we had. Life isn't fair. (How many times has my mother said that to me!??! ) We felt like our projects were "outstanding", and the judges did too! Just not as outstanding as another school. Everyone, in my opinion, at the ceremony did great work toward a great goal....energy sustainability.

We had "5 very strong projects" stated the judges. I have the judges' review comments, but did not really understand all of them. I think our projects were very technical and probably did not have enough of the "Kids Teaching Kids" theme. As the students and I discussed the ceremony outcomes, I think Mat Russell said it best..."Well, Mrs. Spoon, we didn't do it for a trophy." He's exactly right. Looking back, I wouldn't have taken on less projects and I would not have reduced the technical nature of our projects and curicculum. We are a technology-driven academy. Maybe we didn't reach down into the lower grades and educate those students enough, but the education that my ETCA students received is immeasurable. That was my goal!

Thank you to Karen Reagor and Doug Keaton from the NEED staff for all your positive comments and encouragement!

Please enjoy the brief slideshow of our trip to Frankfort!

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